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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
John Reed

Cyborg st Lecture November 21 Overview: 1) Self operating machine (13 -18 C)th a. Tool/machine/automated b. Humanoids c. Models of universe/body 2) Self adjusting machines (18 -19 C)h a. Non governed b. Governed 3) Cybernetics: governance in living and non living a. Weiner: feedback, analysis, adapt (40s-50s) b. Von Neumann: self replication, evolution c. Information environments 4) Cyborg: bio+artificial, self adapting hybrids a. Military/movie/biotech cyborgs 5) Natural born cyborgs: cognitive hybrid a. We are already hybrid b. Dovetailing: are we the tools now? 1) Self Operating Machines  Blurred ratios of biological, artificial, contained  Machine – a powered collection of parts  Automata: self operating machines  Issue: property, enclosure, remic  Tool: used for a purpose  Machines that follow instructions on their own  Humanoid Automata (loosely resembles humans)  Prominent Designers o Al-Jazari (13 c)  First programmable device  Musical automation  Hand washing machine o Clockwork Monk (16 c)  Prayer automation  Labour saving device o Pieree Jaquet-Droz (18 c)  Designed sophisticated automata  Humanoid  Musician, writer, draftsman o Mechanism is inside the body o First designed, loosely put computer  Input, output  Nature as a machine o The clockwork universe o People began to see the universe as functioning like a mechanism o Simple rules that were observable and would apply to anything o No such thing as randomness, everything had a purpose and you could prove it o With these laws, we should be able to observe how these things affect the environment and then predict what could happen  Self operating to self regulating o Adaptable o Become the goals for software design o This idea of governance – to regulate – self adjusting  All mean the same thing o Ex. Watt Steam Engine (1780’s) – self governing  Considered a self regulating automata 3) Cybernetics  Interested in how systems interact to achieve a goal  Cybnetics studies that control system o Studies governing processes in living and non living things o Cyborg – self regulating machine o Norbert Weiner  Gun is not an isolated incidence  Gun pointer is a human element  Human elements joined with mechanical elements  Had to try to build a machine to simulate how the human would respond, mimic human actions and thoughts – and then translate it and feed that information out  The way a machine or
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