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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

MIT 1200: Lecture 9 – Ender’s Game 3 1. Tribal and Racial Survival 2. Adorno’s authority 3. Making me, breaking you 4. The commander’s paradigm 5. War Crimes 1. Tribal and Racial Survival  “Silent enim leges inter arma” (cicero 106-43 b.C.) – in a time of war the law is silent. War causes us to do things that are not likeable things, things we don’t want to do, wouldn’t like to admit doing. What order is here in crisis. Only law that exists is natures law, Dawrin’s law (fight for survival, between species in fight for a position, not strong and weak animal, but two strong animals.) Human’s are top predators.  Genius (65) show us how to survive against others (265). We’re like insects. Prepared to anything for survival, so in a time of war, there is no law, except natural survival 2. Adorno’s Authority  German psychologist  Authoritarian personality project, published in 1950, done in the US. – how did Germans who were so intellectual etc, how did this reasonable and rational people fall for hitler, who was enraged with everyone who wasn’t him, prepared to slaughter everyone etc. Was there something particularly wrong with Germans?  “Human rights”  genocides could happen anywhere, in any people(Germany, US etc.) Britian had believed that they were better than other people. And believed that they wouldn’t ever fall for a leader like hitler.  Results of labs showed that things that led to Auschwitz could happen anywhere  People will agree to all kind of things if they are told its good, if the times are right-they will believed slaughter of population is alright.  We understand ourselves as inherently good, not Nazis.  Rwanda-Gulosh? In Russia, 20 million people kkilled but we don’t know about them.  Not just 6 million jews who died in holocaust. There were also 6 million other people.  We hate the idea that we don’t know how we would react if we had a gun held to our head. “I would never do/become..”  We construct our realirty through thes paradigms  (77) “were still salamanders” a pattern, ritual, “even this one will not weaken us”
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