chapter 14 - structure

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Tony Francolini

Chapter 14StructureWhat is StructureThe manner in which an organization divides its labour into specific tasks and achieves coordination among these tasksOrganizational designoArranges lines of authority oAllocates rights and dutiesoFacilitates information flows Horizontal and vertical dimensions Division of Labour Primary ConcernsVerticaloDecision makingAutonomy and controlCommunication and communicationsoTradeoffsVertically enough to ensure proper controlFlat enough to make vertical communication and coordination possibleHorizontaloJob and department tasksWork specializationoTradeoffsSpecializedefficienciesOverspecializedboredom fatigue poor quality turnover absenteeism AutonomycontrolThe domain of decision making and authority is reduced as the number of levels in the hierarchy increasesManagers have authority over fewer mattersA flatter hierarchy pushes authority lower and involves people further down the hierarchy in more decisionsCommunicationsAs labour is progressively divided vertically timely communication and coordination can become harder to achieveAs the number of levels in the hierarchy increases filtering is more likely to occurWork SpecializationDifferentiation is the tendency for managers in separate units functions or departments to differ in terms of goals time spans and interpersonal stylesUnder high differentiation various organizational units tend to operate more autonomouslyStructural CharacteristicsResult of vertical and horizontal dimensioning
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