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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Maria Ferraro

IdentifyMission is not statedIdentify Strategic ObjectivesFinancialFor big acquisition initiative 19972001 increase revenues market shareutilize distribution channels for multiple products through same channels to cut costshare skills amongst employees to save moneyNonFinancialThree divisions snack food soft drink and fast food means costsharing and skills transfer opportunitiesWant to continue to make acquisition of other companies small and large because they have the financial abilities to do so to gain market share in every possible areaCEOs all tough negotiators and will not take no for an answerkeep close relationships with distribution alliesinternational expansionKeep customers happy by having products in 1 or 2 spot in their respective category shift with customers wants by having goodforyou or betterforyou productsdifferentiationIdentify Current Business StrategyDoes It Make Sense WhyYes the strategy of acquiring new markets both big and small makes sense as they are trying togain market share and diversify as much as possible in the snack food soft drink and restaurant industryBy diversify they can cross all channels to be more cost efficient Presence in international markets can continue to increase as they have financial capabilities and a w
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