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MU1710 Nov 14/16

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

November 14/16 Readings/Class Notes – History The Classical and Romantic Eras W&T: 237-240 – Italian comic opera style – received with pleasure by audiences. It gave musical expression to many of the new attitudes of the Enlightenment. Timeline 1710: The rise of Italian comic opera begins (starts the Classical era) [Classicism] 1803: Beethoven composes his third symphony (Eroica) [Romanticism] 1900: Many new musical trends emerge How do Romantic musical aesthetics differ from the aesthetics of Classicism? Periodization Classical-Romantic (1750-1900) “...The aesthetic 'expression' that arose during the age of sensibility and Sturm und Drang treated the composer as a 'subject' voicing his own thoughts” – Differs from Baroque. Classical = communication, similar to speech. Late 18 century – no longer an artisan expressing, but they are doing their own personal expression. – Romanticism: outpouring of feelings Johann Adam Hiller, 1768 “Comic opera is not precisely the best school for singers; but it has become the best for today's sonatas – all, nowadays, borrow something its style.” – People were aware that modern instrumental style borrowed from comic opera style – Intermezzo: a short comic opera performed between the acts of a longer, serious one – Comic opera begins as this and develops – Moments of reflection in comic opera – psychological character in the music which breaks the music into thoughts of the character – Two opposing forces of male and female characters sing together Mozart K. 385 (“Haffner” Symphony), 1782 – Fast notes in a major key, tonic/dominant harmonies form a simple texture – Two different characters in the text. First four bars in lower range followed by next bars in stacatto in higher range; eighth notes. Tension b/w deep harmonic structure and highly fragmented (paratactic) in the melody. Melodic level held onto by harmonic form. How do Romantic musical aesthetics differ from C
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