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MU1711 Jan 11

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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Jan 11 The Medieval Era “Medieval” - means 'between' (Classical antiquity and Renaissance) – 1000-year period called the “Middle Ages” The 'Dark Ages': – After Rome fell, war and poverty took over in many parts of Europe, leading to a decline in education eg. Ability to read Greek, do mathematics – Cultural decline in the West Information preserved in the Monasteries Monasticism – Beginning in the 5 century, individual Christians would retreat to the desert on their own to become hermits – Lead by St. Anthony of Egypt – Groups of hermits dedicated to a Christian life formed monasteries – Scriptoria (room) in monasteries preserved much of Western culture for centuries while war waged around them. Monks wrote and copied cultural information for preservation. – Preserve literature, culture and music Skellig Michael (8th-12 c.) – Beehive huts preserved literature, philosophy, math while the various wars happened in Europe. – Missionaries sent to bring it back to Europe Charlemagne (742-814 AD) – King of the Franks, then crowned by Pope Leo III on Christmas day 800 AD as Emperor. – Ruled most of the Germanic/Italian lands as the “Holy Roman Emperor” Feudalism – In use in France by the Normans from about 900 AD – Instituted in England by William the Conqueror from 1066 AD onward Court Culture – Time for leisure activities and art in a secular society – Concepts of chivalry (from “chevalier”) and “courtly love” were born – Troubadours and Minnesinger culture contributed to this way of life. The 11 and 12 centuries – Fi
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