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Lecture 6

Philosophy 1305F/G - Lecture 6.docx

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Western University
Philosophy 1305F/G
Michael Fox

Philo1305February 27 2012 Lecture 6 Love According to CS LewisLewis was originally a profound Atheist and later converted to a theistic position eventually a Christian perspectiveIntroduction to Lewis Text on Love Plato Symposium PhaedrusPlatoAnalogyClay SilenusGold Figurine Body Human PersonDaimon Daimon Unique In Born Ideal Possibility everybody does everything for the sake of the goodat least the intention is always for the goodThus you see each other as each others good Not something that we can change but something that we are in our very individualityNo one person can represent a persons daimonIt is not static and it is something to be fulfilledWhen we see the daimon of another person we see what that person is growing towardsThis daimon can be referenced to a lover and their belovedWhen I give myself to you according to my da
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