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the debate over utilitarianism

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Philosophy 2070E

EMP Chapter 8 The Debate over Utilitarianism Classic Version of Utilitarianism (Mills) a) Actions are to be judged right or wrong solely by the virtue of their consequences b) In assessing consequences, the only thing that matters is the amount of happiness or unhappiness that is created c) Each persons happiness counts the same. Right actions are those that produce the greatest balance of happiness over unhappiness, with each persons happiness counted the same Hedonism- pleasure is the ultimate good and pain is the ultimate evil. Flaws in this theory -Someone who you think is your friend is ridiculing you behind your back. You never know but so you never feel pain, but you are still being made a fool of and you suffer no unhappiness -a promising guitar players hands are injured in a car accident and he can no longer play. Hedonists would say this is bad because it causes pain and eliminates his source for joy. But suppose he finds just as much enjoyment in something else, like watching tv. Is the accident now a tragedy? Hedonists would say that frustration is only caused when the guitar player thinks of what could have been. But this doesn’t really eliminate the tragedy by simply getting him to cheer up. We value all sorts of things such as creativity and friendship for their own sakes. It makes us happy to have them but that is not the reason we value them. It seems like a misfortune to lose them, even if there is no loss of happiness Moore argues that there are three obviously intrinsic goods- pleasure, friendship, and aesthetic enjoyment- so right actions are those that increase the worlds supply of these things. Others say that we should maximize the satisfaction of people’s preferences. Are Consequences all that matter? We should look at what will happen as a result of doing our actions. If other consequences are important in determining what is right, then utilitarianism is incorrect. Justice: suppose a black man rapes a white woman and race riots ensue. Should we wrongfully convict an innocent white man to bring a quick end to the race riots? Justice requires us to treat someone fairly while utilitarianism would require us to treat someone unfairly. The best outcome would be achieved by lying under utilitarianism… this is wrong Rights: york vs story: police violated her rights and took nude pics of her. Ultimately the police had more utility out of the nude pics but her rights were violated. Utilitarianism would conclude that the police actions were right but that seems like a perverse way of thinking. Backwards Looking Reasoning: Suppose you promise a friend to go to the movies but you have school work to do and they don’t answer the phone when you try and call to cancel.
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