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Lecture 5

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Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

EXAM On the exam - run to the possible extreme to illuminate or contrast Lewis' ideas Plato is ambiguous of what is belonging vs being alike (purposeful ambiguity) - is he denying the integrity of the individual, is he treating the beloved as a means to an end ESSAY due Nov 6 - we come up with a topic and speak with Professor about it ARISTOTLE: N.E BOOK 8 • has an anthropological understanding of what is the nature of human beings • working from a concept of happiness - happiness is an activity of reason in accordance with virtue (book 1 chpt 7) • happiness is a function of our human nature- we have to have an understanding of this and if we act in accordance with our nature than we will be happy in our lives • need to figure out 'who are you' as your ontology and as a result you will find your happiness • ontology - is your nature or essence • virtue is a habit to choose the mean between the extremes - example of temperance of excess or deficiency • we have powers and when we have a firm disposition to choose the mean between the two extremes we are known to be virtuous • these powers are divided • - intellectual powers are divided into speculative and practical (prudence) • - the will is the appetite and the intellect of the intellectual (justice) • - concupiscible appetite - desiring something (temperance) • - irascible appetite - just anger if someone does something to provide an oobstacle from an individual not being able to reach the good (to be angry) - courage • these are the cardinal virtues - hinges upon which everything else is based upon • friendship is a virtue, the question is what is it related to WHAT IS VIRTUE • friendship of the - good (complete friendship) - pleasant (
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