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Cellular Physiology 3140A Lecture 1.docx

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Physiology 3140A
Anita Woods

Cellular Physiology 3140A Lecture 1 Anita Woods 1 September 9, 2013 What is Cell Physiology? - Study of how cells work together to perform functions in the body. Cells all have to communicate with each other. Those cells are sending signals to each other and others are receiving it. Cells are telling each other what to do. Ex. Cells in development, cells become part of liver or even the heart. Cell communication happens at neurotransmitter level, hormonal level and membrane level. When communication in the body breaks down, a number of pathologies can occur. Cancer is one example of communication breakdown where often times that the cell becoming cancer doesn’t “listen” anymore. It doesn’t care what’s going around them; it doesn’t care when other cells tell it to proliferate. Cancer cells do not “listen” to other cells around them, similar to a spoiled teenager. Communication breakdown occurs at that cell or group of cells not listening to communication around them. Thus these cells can infiltrate other regions of the body and convince other cells to “join the party” of not communicating with the body. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that breaks down myelin sheaths. Myelin sheaths help conduct action potentials. When this is broken down, action potentials are weaker or can’t be conducted effectively. Ex. Brain can’t give signal to move arm. Allergies are like drama queens. Ex. Ragweed, people have allergies to ragweed. People have immune responses (over communication gone crazy) to ragweed due to having the epitope. Thus it is a strong immune response to something that is harmless. The “Average” Cell - What are some errors in the “Average” cell(picture shown)? The cell doesn’t show: Many proteins, Enough mitochondria, Membrane proteins DNA, Lipid bilayer Villi (Antenna of cell, so when fluid flows in direction, the cell would know the pressure and direction of the fluid) Reality of Cells - The cell is a packed full environment. Imagine a room full of people and one person is trying to find a way to get to the other side of the room. So molecules in the cell must go through or past other molecul
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