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Lecture 2

Physiology 1021 Lecture 2: Respiratory Physiology

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Physiology 1021
John Ciriello

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Respiratory Physiology Respiratory System Organization and Function 1. Functions of the respiratory system a. Provides oxygen to the blood b. Removes carbon dioxide to the blood c. Regulates blood pH d. Speech e. Microbial defense f. Influences arterial concentration of chemical messengers g. Traps and dissolves small blood clots 2. Lung anatomy: the thoracic cavity a. Lungs are suspended in the thoracic cavity and are surrounded by the chest wall b. Thoracic cavity is separated from the abdominal cavity and the diaphragm c. The space between the lung and the chest wall is called the intrapleural space d. The right lungs have 3 lobes and the left lung has 2 lobes e. Visceral pleura is the inner membrane and it cover slung tissue f. Intrapleural space is in the middle and filled with pleural fluid g. Parietal pleura is the outer membrane and is fused to the ribcage 3. Functional region a. Conducting zone i. Air travels through and is conditioned to be safe for gas exchange 1. Includes humidification, temperature change, mucocilliary elevator (microbial defense) b. Respiratory zone i. Gas exchange ii. Microbial defense (macrophages) ** Bronchioles exist in both zones** 4. Alveoli a. Type 2 cells make surfactant b. Type 1 cells are a flat cell and they transport gases and forms Blood Gas Barrier i. Maximizing surface area maximizes gas exchange c. Macrophage moves from alveolus to alveolus taking up debris
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