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Lecture 4

Physiology 1021 Lecture 4: Reproductive Physiology

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Physiology 1021
John Ciriello

Reproductive Physiology Male Reproductive System 1. Evidence that the reproductive system does not function primarily to maintain homeostasis a. Women get hysterectomies b. Animals get neutered c. Boys use to get testes removed to keep high voice for opera singers 2. The testis a. Vas deferens i. Delivers mature sperm to the urethra b. Epididymus i. Stores sperm and matures it ii. Can store over a month supply c. Seminiferous tubules i. Makes sperm (spermatogenesis) 3. Componets of a seminiferous tubules a. Sertoli cell i. Prouce testosterone b. Leydig cell i. Support and regulate spermatogenesis c. Spermatagoniaspermatocytes i. Sperm cells 4. Spermatogenesis 1 Spermatigonia MITOSIS> Spermatogonia > Primary spermatocyte (46 chromosomes) 1 Primary spermatocyte MEIOSIS I> Secondary spermatocyte (23 chromosomes) > Secondary spermatocyte (23 chromosomes) 2 Secondary spermatocyte MEIOSIS II> Spermatid > Spermatid > Spermatid > Spermatid 4 spermatid (23 chromosomes) > Spermatozoa > Spermatozoa > Spermatozoa > Spermatozoa 5. Testosterone a. Steroid hormone b. Lipophilic because it is made from cholesterol c. Bound to blood proteins travel through cell membrane
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