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Political Science
Political Science 2137
Cameron Harrington

Food, Inc. December 4, 2012 -Industrialization of food -1970: top 5 companies control 25% of the meat market -now: top 4 companies control more than 80% of the market -birds today twice as big -takes less days to develop -companies own chickens; farmers have no control over them -mass production of chicken, production lines -it’s about efficiency to increase profits rather than care about what people put in their mouths -it’s about quantity, not quality -“they’re not chickens – we’re just producing food” -we lose sense of what food is -instrumental rationality: instrument something (we only see chickens as instruments) -animals a process for companies; a piece of organic machinery) -antibiotics in chicken -doesn’t matter if chicken gets sick – they all go to plant for processing -corn: main feeding component -feed corn to animals (fish, chicken, cows, etc.) -corn in everything (orange juice, syrup, coke, etc.) -corn: really cheap, and makes cows fat quickly -evolution makes cows eat grass, but companies feed cows corn because they’re cheap -e-coli-->appears -due to diet and manure -FDAchairman have ties with food processing companies -FDAinspect less and less companies -1970: more than 50,000 inspections -today: 1000-2000 inspections -regulatory agency: not doing as much inspections as it should be -that’s what the food industries want -corporations are making their food cheaper -because their food is heavily subsidized -$1 hamburger vs. more than $1 lettuce in the supermarket -meat packing: one of t
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