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January 8-Intro to Modern Political Science.docx

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Political Science
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Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

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thwe start with the 17 century because the foundations of modern science were laid in mathematics and mechanics by Descartes Bacon and Newtonif you understood God and His relationship to His creation you would understand politics because you would understand Gods lawHobbes classified the state as a mortal God who we should fear as we fear the real Godessentially based on Newtons law that people will continue in one direction Hobbes believes that people will constantly seek power after power until they are stopped by the statepolitical science is now architecture physics and motion that results in competition Hobbes believed we could only be stopped by the power of the State however Hobbes is out of date because we no longer fear the Statepolitics is the domestication and channeling of conflict that makes it fruitful but does not stop itpolitics takes materials that only want to fall down people and arranges them in such a way that they support or stop each from falling in order to create functional structuresBentham sought to apply Newtons calculus to human pleasure pain and happinessBacon called on humanity to unite and challenge nature in order to co
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