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Lecture 3

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Balance of Federalism Federalism and the economic environmentThe economy and organizational structurePolitical equality and rights o A formal parliamentary democracy o Political system and state legitimacy linked with the fundamental equality of all citizensEconomy is a liberal capitalists systemLiberalism is primarily concerned with the economic rights of individualsBased on the private ownership of property and the means of production Responsible governmentLegislature executive and the departmentsCabinet members ministers and PM the political executive are responsible to the legislature for the operation of government departmentsFederal Governance The departmentAdministrative unit under direct ministerial control and management based on constitutional conventionDoern Classify departments based ono Relative powers according to size of budget o Responsibility for coordination o Knowledges or research capacity o Three typesHorizontal political coordination central agencies plus Foreign Affairs and international trade and justiceVertical constituencyHorizontal administrative coordinationHorizontal Policy Coordinative6 Central agencies o Finance o Treasury board o Privy council office o Prime Ministers office o Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Justice o Politically influential though small in numbers and budget yet strong in responsibility for coordination and researchVertical Constituency
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