International Cooperation

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION LIMITING WAR JANUARY 31 2012 NUREMBURG TRIALS y Part of international lawset of principles governing international affairs y codify the notion of war crimes 200BC war crime legislature Hindu code of Mannu y international VS domestic law international conventions on warglobalMilitary justicedomestic y Issue who judges soldiers and what constitutes reasonable selfdefence measuresAre systematic attacks on civilians or collateral damage no longer a matter for state level justice systemsy Implications did produce a general body of values and principles that equal treaties and domestic lawsy Genocide Convention 1949class is not considered as a factor why mass amounts of people are murdered y Personal responsibility for conduct in war y States cannot be called responsible for genocideplausible deniability clause they always put it off on smaller groups y They became a precursor to the ICCgoverning international body y War crim
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