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Psychology 2060
Irene Cheung

Applied to Yourself Last summer I worked for a party rental company as an administrative assistant. When I was hired, I was assured that there would be someone in the office with me at all times and that I would be trained by the former administrative assistant for the first week. On my first day, it was made clear by the former administrative assistant that she did not like me. She sent me to get her lunch and displayed anger when I didn’t do things exactly the way she did (i.e. folding documents for customers). I tried to ignore it, as I knew she would no longer be around the next week, however it introduced stress and I had anxiety before going into work that whole week. After the first week, I found myself alone in the office the majority of the time and had trouble with questions from customers and other administrative duties I was not informed of. My lack of training in certain areas hindered my productivity and I felt that I did not have the resources to complete my job; particularly I had a lack of social and organizational support. Not only did I not have access to resources that would assist with the completion of my work and lessen the burden of the work demands, I experienced multiple negative social interactions with both co-workers and customers. I would come home everyday and feel emotionally and physically drained because I perceived my work environment to be stressful. Because the lack of resources and negative health and work outcomes, I feel that the Job Demands-Resources Mo
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