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Gender Differences in Sexuality - Chapt 13 Nov 28th.docx

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Gender Differences in Sexuality th November 28 , 2012  Men and women are similar in their attitudes and behaviours toward sexuality  A gender differences is primarily a group difference  If behaviours are different between group of males and females it is decided that there is a gender difference  A summary of male attitudes is different than female, not every male  To find the gender difference you find the difference between the 2 means  Although the chart shows that men masturbate more frequently, this does not mean that all males do  Sexual Strategies theory o Men – casual sex, short-term commitments o Women – long-term commitments o Good looks are more important for men than they are for women o According to this theory its all about the biology – different strategies that have evolved for men and women  Social Structure Theory o Women had to stay at home, primarily because of lactation, men had more flexibility and freedom, with this came a higher status and devaluation for women o This allows men to use women for their own sexual gratification o Allows them to have casual sex without guilt, that is why they favour it o Women seek committed long-term relationships because they still rely on men o This argues that it is primarily about power and status over biology  Compatible Theories o Gender schema – what makes a man a man or a woman a woman o Influences how we conceptualize gender as male or female. Not male or female or other  Social learning theory o How we learn these schemas & gender and sex o Operant conditioning – rewards and punishments for certain behaviour o Prevalent in media – ex. Disney characters succeed because they’re beautiful and men want them  Gender Similarity Hypothesis o Men and women should be quite similar in behaviour and attitudes when it comes to sex  Obstacles to Interpretation o Bogus pipeline: Are gender differences actually existent? Or are they socially constructed o Textbook assumes gender dichotomy – men and women exclusively  Gender similarities and differences in empirical studies o To figure out under low budget conditions what are the necessities /what people cant live without o High budget – do people just put all their budget into attractiveness o Necessities Vs. Luxuries  Top 3 – physical attractiveness, intelligence, sense of humour  Women – favour yearly income Men – favour Physical Attractiveness  When people are given an additional budget they tend to spend it relatively evenly among the attributes  75% of men say yes to going to bed, 0% of women say yes  Buss – this is a theory for how there is a Natural Biological difference in the way men and women accept sexual offers  Might also have to do with the nature of the person asking the question  Schmidt and Sigusch (1970) o Biggest change in both groups was people getting excited o Men and women respond very similarly to pornography o People can have two different emotional responses
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