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Lecture 1

Psychology 1000 Lecture 1: Psychology (Lecture 1- Introduction)

Course Code
PSYCH 1000
Laura Fazakas- De Hoog

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Introduction and tips for studying
Regularly check the course outline and check OWL before class
For Research Assignment
2. Login through the email you get by the psychology department
3. Print the record sheet to each of the experiment
4. Keep as verification for the 6 credits
5. Cancel the experiment 24hr in advance (if you miss, you will have to do 2 in its place)
Lecture Slides for each chapter will be posted on the website. Bring them online and fill them in or
print them and bring them.
For midterms, send an email to Dr.Dehoog.
Keep up with the chapters and write summary notes on them using the lecture notes.
Focus on Ideas and concepts, not just facts.
Read actively, like highlighting the textbook
Be able to figure out the important concepts that are on each page
Practice the OWL practice exams and if you want use the Connect (might be easier)
Ask questions
Pay attention to theories, concepts and research findings
Review the notes in the night after class
Email for clarification
find more resources at
find more resources at
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