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Lecture 4

Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Cognitive Development, Conceptual System, Object Permanence

Course Code
PSYCH 1000

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Cognitive Development
→ Piaget’s theory
→ Stages of development
→ Support
Discussion open this Friday
What influences development
Nature Vs Nurture
Stage Vs Continuouse
Normative vs Idividual
Coress- Selction Method
Jean Piaget and Cognitive Development - published a paper at age of 11
Observed own children
- Found that kids
Age ranges approximately
Stages not completely independent
4 stages of development
1. Sensory-motor intelligence (0-2 years)
2. Preoperational (2-7)
3. Period of concrete operations (7-11)
4. Period of formal operations
Sensory- Motor Stage
Nothing exists apart from the child’s own perceptions and motor reactions
No self-concept
Look at the organization of sensory and motor reaction
(Piaget Schema)
At birth.. Variety of reflexes
At first, schemas operate in isolation
Coordination of activities not present until 5 months (both hands 7 months)
Pseudoimation present
- Child can imitate, but only if actions just produced
Importance of sensory (visual) feedback e.g. stick out tongue
Rough acquisition by 11 - 12 months.
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