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Lecture 6

Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Descriptive Statistics, Standard Deviation, Central TendencyPremium

Course Code
PSYCH 1000
Laura Lyn Fazakas Dehoog

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Psychology 1000 Lecture 6
Professor Fazakas-Dehoog Section: Psychology 1000 002
Statistical Methods in Psychology
- Processing the numbers
- Tells us that the results are not due to chance
- Descriptive statistics:
o Describe what happened in your study
- Inferential Statistics:
o Tells us that the results are not due to chance
Descriptive Statistics
- Measures of central tendency:
o Mean
Add all up and divide by number of participants
o Median
Middle score (highest to lowest) and find the middle one
If you have two middle scores take the average of the two middle
scores (i.e. 8+11/2 = 19/2 = 9.5)
o Mode
Most common score
If there are two top scores it is bi-modal you would list both as
the modes.
- Measures of variability
o Range what range did the numbers span? Biggest number minus the
smallest number
o Standard deviation
The Same Mean, But Different Variability
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