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Psychology 2011A/B
Imants Baruss

Altered States of Consciousness Tuesday September TH10 20129102012 113200 AM Introductions Print off course outline on website No course stuff on web CT only on barusscacourse website best way to participate in this class is to read chapter before class then bring text to class follow along and make additional notes either on computer or in book All multiple choice tests strictly memorization flash cards WILL help you in this coursemake flash cards after every chapter practice tests in the library on reserve answers are on the website at the end of every class you write a one minute essay which allows you to ask any questions ect these are not graded always bring paper to classstth tests will be held on October 1 and November 5 ask for help before the exam as opposed to afterwards LectureWhat you need to know when talking about consciousnessPerspectives of consciousness Ways people approach consciousnessconsciousness itself was a taboo topic and not a lot of research was done on itnot on exam in 1994 two things happened to change this Stuart Hameroff an anesthesiologist held a conference about consciousness every year since thenthis drew a lot of attention to consciousnesskieth Sutherland started publishing a journal about consciousness This gave a focus for people doing this kind of researchthis went from complete obscurity to going to something really trendy people wanted to know about brought a lot more pople to think about it people have three perspectives when talking about consciousness 1 physiological perspective biology based from experiencehow can you get an experience from the brain qualia is translated as raw fields this is the redness of red or the taste of wine and not how it taste but the taste it has how something looksthese people are interested in which process or neurocircuits are responsible for this smoking medical marijuana would be physiological because u physically have THC molecules inhibiting your brain You would analyze how this effects body function ect2 cognitive perspectiveconsciousness is another cognitive process3 experiential approachtaken by people who are interested in what kinds of experiences you have and what are the characteristics of those experiences what can you learn about consciousness from examining your own experiencessaying you feel good because of the medical marijuana would be experiential because you are describing the way your experience feelsthese three examples show that all three perspectives are connected intimately and it is a goodidea to keep all three running if you want a good understanding of consciousness Description of the Word ConsciousnessConsciousness 1first thing people talk about when talking about this is the ability that an organism can discriminate stimuli ex You are conscious if you can discriminate stimuli meaning you know where the door is in comparison to the wall consciousness is a variable the presences of consciousness is determined from the outsidecan an organism know its own state Know what it is or what its doingBehavioralconsciousness 2 Organisms ability to demonstrate knowledge of its own stateif you can articulate your own state then you have subjective consciousnessex What does anxiety feel like having anxiety and explaining what it feels like
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