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Psychology 2080A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Research Methods 2800ENovember 03 Lecture NotesReadings MW9 Descriptive and Corrrelational Methods 2 Archival Research and Case StudiesPrologue1 Advantages2 Examples3 Problems4 Case StudiesPrologueWe like to record informationnewspaper recordsbirth and death recordsschool and employment recordsrecord of credit card purchasesgovernment recordsnational census policecourt recordsoeg OJ Simpsons trialattitude and opinion polls eg Gallup polls dating back to 1930shealth records health Canada hospital records grave stonesmany more recordsThese records are called archives The study of them is called archival researchArchives are similar to physical trace measures whats left behind after behaviour occurs ButoNot specifically collected to answer research questions it could be collected for researchbut not collected for your research questionoSomeone other than the researchers recorded the dataResearcher plays passive role observes what someone else has already recorded 1 AdvantagesA Extensive see examples aboveB Easily accessiblestored in public places eg librarystored in digital electronic form eg PsycINFOstored on Internetora brief letter and postage stampEasily available someone else has done the recording so we dont have toC Unobtrusive and nonreactiveD Ethical issues informed consentprivacy are minimizeddata are often part of the public record so we dont need to ask for permissiondata are often provided in aggregate form individuals cannot be identified
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