Chapter 8

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Psychology 2220A/B
Scott Mac Dougall- Shackleton

Chapter 8 Psychodynamic Applications and Processes Strangers to ourselvesTimothy Wilson how often humans fail to recognize what they really feel or wantPsychodynamic level of analysistries to establish thisapplications of Freuds key ideas to how psychodynamic clinicians assess personality and try to make sense of their clients issueshelp guide treatment I Applications to Personality AssessmentFreudian psychpromised a way to understandtreat complex individual with depth that heshe deservesgoal is to help reveal unconscious motivesconflicts The Core Beneath the Mask overt expressions are often disguised defensive distortions of overt behavior mask fundamental motives Relying on the Clinician interpretations of a persons behavior depend more on clinicians intuations than on tests clincians form own judgments based on experience and feel of the casemerit of assessments based on two things 1 Evidence supporting the techniques upon which the psychologist relies2 The value of clinical judgement itselfProjective Methods main characteristicopenended way in which the testing situation is usually structured usually the purpose of the test is disguised freedom to respond however Psychoanalytical assessors favor projective techniquesassume unconscious inner life is partially projected in responses2 most popular 1 Rorschach2 Thematic Apperceptiona Reliabilityvalidity of both highly debated generally problematicb No evidence that findings reflect persons unconscious Kilhstrom1995 survey400 clinical psychologist Rorschach and TAT still remain among most used personality assessment procedures in everyday clinical practice The RorschachHermann Rorschach 1921series of inkblots on 10 separate cards some black and white some colored individual says everything that inkblot could resembleResponses scored for 1 Location place on card that is refered too physical determinants ie color 2 Originality3 Content 4 Other characteristicsa Compared to those of other people of similar age extensive manuals have been developed with rules for scoringInterpreterattempts to relate these to aspects of personality ie anxiety creative Thematic Apperception Test TATHenry Murray Christian Morgan 1930s wanted measures that got beyoned direct self reports tap into underlying needs of which participant might not be aware of or too uncomfortable to acknowledge
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