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dissociative disorders lecture

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Western University
Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Dissociative DisordersThe Dissociation ContinuumDissociationa disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness memory identity or perceptionMild dissociation is very common Eg dj vu absorption daydreamingContinuum of dissociative abilityRelated to hypnotic susceptibility absorptionDissociative Experiences Scale DESCan become a defense mechanismway of coping with stress traumaHistorical rise and fall of interest in dissociationthLate 1800shigh early 20 Clow 1980s 90shighTodaylow again overdiagnosis exaggerated claims false memory syndromeDissociative Disorders in DSMIVDissociative AmnesiaDissociative FugueDissociative Identity Disorder DID previously Multiple Personality DisorderDepersonalization DisorderChanges in DSM5Dissociative Identity DisorderDissociative Amnesia Dissociative Fugue no longer a separate diagnosisDepersonalizationDerealization DisorderDissociative AmnesiaPerson is unable to recall important personal informationAmnesia is usually for autobiographical memorynot general knowledgeUsually after a very stressful experienceInformation is not permanently lostOften remits spontaneously after a few daysBut can occasionally become chronic or recurrentCt organic amnesiaTypes of AmnesiaLocalizedloss of memory for circumscribed period of timeSelectivesome but not all events during specific time periodGeneralizedloss of memory for entire lifeContinuousloss of memories subsequent to a specific time up to the present
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