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Psychology 2310A/B
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Abnormal Psychology 2310Lecture Week 1Introduction and Historical PerspectivesCommon Misconceptions about Abnormal PsychologyBelief that psychological disorders are always bizarreoInsane asylum image of extreme crazy people out of controloReality vast majority of patients act completely normallyoThere are cases where some disorders do have crazy episodesEpisodicoA lot of people you cant even tell that they have a mental disorder25 of the population doesView that abnormal and normal are radically differentoPeople try to distant themselves from people with mental disorderoNo clear dividing lineoMore like a normal distribution with the entire populationWe all shift around on this continuum youre not at the same spot for your whole lifeoMental health problems affect everyone in some way or another whether it is directly or indirectlyView of former psychiatric patients as dangerousoPeople without mental illness commit more violent crimesoMentally ill people are more likely to commit selfviolenceoThink of gun laws they want everyone else to be able to have them except for mentally ill peopleoThe vast majority of people with mental illness have NOT harmed anyone or done any crimesoMost a lot of crimes are done by people who arent mentally ill but they dont say that in the newsBelief that mental disorder is something to be ashamed ofSTIGMAoStigma is known because of scarIn the olden day they used to brand you scar for the crime you committedoPeople are scared to go and get helpThey see it as something youre ashamed ofIf you have a tooth ache you go to the dentist so why dont you do the same for your mental healthA lot of people get abandoned when they go to a psychiatric wardoMeans your weak willed youre not strong enoughYoure exaggerating Exaggerated fear of ones own susceptibilityoWhen you read about this disorders you can start thinking you have all of these illnesses and diseases
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