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Lecture 1

Psychology 2660A/B Lecture 1: L1-2660 LAB

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Western University
Psychology 2660A/B
John Meyer

Psych 2660A Tutorial1 Work Job Analysis: Method for describing jobs andor the human attributes necessary to perform them I can describe the job itself or describe what to do to do well Never conducted without a specific, expressed purpose You always have a reason for doing it the way you design it etc all depends on why you are interested in doing it Performance appraisal, many reasons why conduct one Requirements: Elements of a work analysis (Brannick, Levin, Morgason, 2006) There are a few things that are consistent for all work analysis 1) Procedure must be systematic 2) Study the job in small pieces Job is studied, not as a whole, but in smaller units 3) The job analysis results in a formal, written product At the end of analysis you always have a project like a prez. Paper etc The procedures chosen depend on why the work analysis is being conducted *2 diff approaches (ex. TA) Some cases 1 appraoch would be enough, others need more approach 1) Work focus task oriented approach: focus on the tasks that are done on the job the actual job , not the workers lifting boxes, moving things to rank who needs to be paid most, hand out office, salary, Assesses the characteristics of tasks Can compare characteristics across jobs Allows us to rank jobs for various uses look at similarities diff of jobs (lawyer vs bus driver) Jobs can be broken down into smaller pieces: a) Position: collection of duties preformed by a single individual (teaching assistant) b) Duty: major components of the job (teaching) c) Task: Complete piece of work that accomplishes an objective (creating the full lesson plan: complete the slideshow) d) Activity: each task that you have can be broken down (writing slides, designing in class activity, rubric) e) Element: often overlooked, specific actions needed to do an activity (ability to type use power pointtechnologyfine motor skills) 2) Worker person oriented pproach: traitscharacteristics needed for an employee be successful at the job ,no matter the task Instead of detailing the characteristics of the tasks, describe the necessary characteristic of the worker needed to perform job behaviors what they need, neat, strong etc (to be an effective ta) KSAOs Knowledge: what a person needs to know to do a particular job (some knowledge in psychology) Skill: what a person is able to do in a job (skill to prepare give lecture) something that is directed, taking her ability to speakexpress herself stand in front of crowd Directed into an activity, a lot of people have the ability but dont direct itdirecting it makes it a skill
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