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Psychology 1000

Sept 20, 2012 Biological Foundations More Research Design The Neuron Action Potential Net tie: The Synapse Scan: p73-78 Today’s Question:  What are some sources of bias in an experiment?  What is the basic structure of a neuron?  How do neurons “work” ***Sept 25: strategy for psych 1000 (workshop) Case: Increases in temperature cause increases in aggression Recorded temp each day and noted the number of reported assaults More assaults were reported on hotter days His claim is inaccurate because - The data are correlational Research Methods: observation, survey, case, study, correlation, experiment (causality) Within-Groups Design All subjects exposed to all conditions Ie) all watch violent shows measure aggression All watch non-violent shows measure aggression *Problem: potential order effect if you do one test first, it may affect how you respond to second test.)  need to counterbalance Measuring Aggression  Self-report  Verbal attack  Physical attack  “Safe” attack Threats to Validity  Internal Validity o Degree to which experiment supports causal conclusion o Study needs to have high internal validity  External Validity o Degree to which results can be generalized  Demand Characteristics Sept 20, 2012 o Cues in experiment convey hypothesis to participants o They “help” experimenter o If participant figures out what you’re studying, they’ll try to help by learning toward certain result  Geen & Berkowitz: weapons effect  Experimenter Expectancy o Experimenter “conveys” hypothesis to participants o Intons-Peterson (1983)  Best way to avoid this is double-blink experiment Frequently Asked Questions What do lab experiments tell us about everyday life?  Maximize internal validity and lessen external validity Does behavior depend on one’s culture or gender or personality?  Behavior is dependent on person and how they developed/ were influenced by their society  How to avoid this: random sampling-equal representations of different groups What do animal experiments tell us about human behavior?  When we look at human visual system: look at cat, might be similar with human Is it ethi
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