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Memory Behaviour Therapy Memory Quiz Information Processing Model How are memories acquired? How do remember? Why do we forget? Behaviour Therapy Psychotherapy based on principles of classical or operant conditioning Problem is viewed and error or”failure” in learning Cure is to “relearn” Treatment of Fear Simple Phobia Intense, irrational fear of object or situation Relatively common Anxiety disorder Patient is still in touch with reality Phobias Agoraphobia - Open spaces Claustrophobia - Closed spaces Arachnophobia - Spiders Triskaidekaphobia - The number 13 Uxoriphobia - One’s wife Note: Over 200 recognized phobias Some phobias easy yo deal with Stay away from zoo if fear of animals But... can generalize Treatment Exposure Fear viewed as CR, so extinguish by repeated presentation 1. Flooding Patient is “continuously” presented with fearful object, until it no longer produces a response Limited value Patient must be willing to expose self to fear for prolonged intervals Not always possib
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