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Psychology 1000

Psychology 1000 September 17 , 2013 What is Psychology?  Long past, but a short history -> E.G. Boring  Started in 1879 in Germany Explanations of Behaviour  Three primary ways -> all interact with one another, each level could influence another. Behaviour can be explained from any level, each of them explains behaviour from three different perspectives. o Cultural and Environmental factors  Example value system  What beliefs does the person have? Where were they raised, or where did they grow up? o Individual and psychological factors  Example learning, cognitive processes  Looking at past learning history, and experiences. Did they learn through the media or books? How did they interpret different materials? o Biological factors  Example neural, hormonal  Looking at how brain and nervous system actually function, biology of human nervous system Psychology: the scientific study of behaviour and the mind, everything you think, do or say. Schools of Psychology  Functionalism o Focus on the function or significance of behaviour o How does a behaviour(or mental process) help us to adapt o Primarily biological, but can also be environmental o Modern Examples: psychobiology, neuroscience and ethology (animal behaviour)  Psychodynamic Approach (Freud) o Focus on unconscious experience…the “mind” o Look for unresolved conflict-> thought that this had a lot to do with how you developed o Importance of personality o Modern Examples:
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