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Lecture 2

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psych lecture 2 Sept 17, 2013 What is Psych? Explanations of behavior, schools of psych and pioneers Psychology isn’t all about treatment for mental disorders. • What are the different approaches to psych? • What do psychologists do? • Who were the pioneers of psychology? “Psychology has a long past, but short history” – E.G. Boring Explanations of Behavior Cultural & environmental -> individual and psychological -> biological (all influence one another) 1. Biological factors: basic and molecular; how nervous system functions (neuromechanisms, neurotransmitters) what causes aggression? What brain mechanisms explain aggression (brain chemicals) 2. Individual & psychological: learning process, or cognitive processes. What causes aggression? Looking at a person’s past learning history; if they have learned violence in their home life. 3. Cultural & environmental: value system. What causes aggression? Western society rewards aggression, some cultures aggression is frowned upon. Individual learns from society. All three of these factors are correct in their abilities to explain behavior, not any one is better than the other. Psychology: the scientific study of behavior and the mind. (Page 4) Schools of Psychology • Functionalism o Focus on the function or significance of behavior o How does behavior or mental process help us adapt o Primarily biological (sometimes environmental) o “why do people help each other” is a hard question to explain in this school o Ex: psychobiology, neuroscience, ethology • Psychodynamic (Freud) o Focuses on unconscious experience… the “mind” o Look for unresolved conflict o Importance of pers
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