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Lecture 1 - Sikhism

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Religious Studies
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Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

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Sikhism 1 KNOW TERMS AT END OF EACH SECTION FOR THE MIDTERM EXAMMC FILL IN THE BLANKS WRITTEN ANSWER BCE Before Common Era CECommon Era y Youngest religion in India y Starts in India where Hindu and Islam coexist y Sometimes suggested it is a combination not exactly true y Tradition begins with Guru Nanak 14691539 CE tho No exact date it started 1516 century CE y Product of 3000 year cycle Rig Veda moves to south Bhakti in south moves north y Bhakti moves north to Karnataka radical movements monotheistic y Antibrahmin anticaste system movement devotion to one god Siva Visnu y Deeply in love with the god gathered lots of followers y Hymns in Tamil other languages of the other provinces y Hits far north of India Punjab very different now many Muslims live there now y Islam in India tho Arises 7 century o Arab traders before were already in India spice trade o Result of newly minted Arab Muslims erected some
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