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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Judaism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Judaism 2 y Israel buffer zone between Egypt and BabylonAssyria y Can start to use term Jewish o Comes from name Juda name of leader of the most powerful tribe o Specific people who didnt believe in idols and were monotheists o Have divine law in order to have good relationship with God y When was high time of Judaism o 1000 BC586 BC o Occupied the Holy Land and established a kingdom with a King o King David and King SolomonFirst Temple Period 1000 586 BCConsidered prophets in IslamBuild a huge temple court yards schools etc and no pictorial representation of God o Jewish temple cult o How do they worship GodRather cruelSpecial tribe Levi who were the priests who preformed animal sacrifices y Small sinsmall animal dove y Priest cut throat of animal let all blood out life power of animal is in the blood y 586535 BCBabylonian Exile o Kingdom demolished by BabylonAssyria espec
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