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Western University
Sociology 1021E

Education & Social Order McUniveristy and Ivory Towers  Education in relation to the state – like we’ve been doing with the other topics o How important ideology is in relation to how we’re controlled  The most powerful thing we have in knowledge – becomes ideology  Education deeply embedded in ideology o What is the role of the classroom? Ideology to Identity: Socialisation  Ideology (ex: democracy) o Freedom, tolerance, respect  Law, Media, Education o Extension or practice of ideology o These institutions normalise ideology  Socialisation: internalisation of ideology o They impact how we are socialised o Only guilty people go to jail – innocent people go free  Self: values, beliefs o Very combative relationship between control and freedom o We’re constantly being exposed to ideology Debates  Can education be the great equaliser? o Lowered population growth, raised life expectancy, etc. o Has almost reached its peak – the increase in income in relation to income, it has not improved in ten years. Positive impact has stalled.  Why does education attainment not result in economic attainment for women?  Should education focus on job readiness (skills) or moral development? o Trent is focusing more on
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