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Western University
Sociology 1021E
Daphne Heywood

I totally agree with you Nicole. The first thing that came to my head was promiscuity. There is a stigmatism that exists with a person who has had multiple partners throughout their life regardless if the relationship was monogamous or not. This example is a lot like yours Nicole, where social stigmas really play in. On page 109 the topic of gender norms, process whereby social rules and expectations operate differently between men and women, is introduced. Women may feel that they have different social norms that they need to follow that differ from mens. Although the stigmatism of promiscuity is more prevalent with women over men it is still common among both genders. Like your example I believe this is an example of positive stigmatization, although it may reinforce conflict among feminists, it may also serve as a deterrent that may stop promiscuity that could be a reason why the rate of STIs has decreased. Being an auxiliary police officer I have a lot of experience with this first hand. There have been many instances where I have heard individuals not report crimes as they do not feel the crime is severe enough, or they may feel that now that it is over theres nothing they can really do about it. This is very common among women who are victims of crimes and may be too afraid of being judged or believe that they are the reason they became a victim. I found it interesting because it is evident throughout the chapter that the rate of crime especially with all statistics on page 92 you would think that people would be more likely to report crimes since they are more likely to be aware that the crime rate has increased over the decade and that the justice system has come along way. You have a really valid point there, I do not agree with this article as well. With the increased crime rate and the sudden popularity of violent video games I believe people are more desensitized
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