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Second Term Notes from Gender to Deviance! Just a summarization based on the importance of items to be well looked over. Meant to be printed out and to have other text book notes added to.

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Sociology 1021E
Kim Luton

1Sociology Winter Midterm NotesGender Lecture y Sex is determined at conception by cell formation 13 are born intersexed y Gender is a social category is based on social expectations a set of social attitudes varying in different cultures with time y Gender norms rules specifying appropriate behaviour for each genderBecoming Our Gender y Powerful aspect of selfconcept which develops in accordance with the individuals gender and the social definitions of that gender within the larger gendered orderGendered Order y Gendered order set of structural relations through which people are treated differently because of their genderGender Intensification y Process by which individuals are influenced to hyperdifferentiate themselves from the other gender in terms of appearance and behaviour y Perpetuated by mass media and advertising in pursuit ofy Adolescence is key period of this identity manipulation o Tough GuiseEffects y Gender intensification ill prepares both men and women for the roles that they will later perform y Impossible standards leads to low selfesteem and high dissatisfaction y Emphasizes the dominantsubmissive nature of the malefemale relationship and perpetuates gender inequalityPersistence of Beliefs about Gender Differences y Even when there is a statistically significant difference between males and females for most characteristics there is more similarity than difference between the genders y Most human characteristics fall into a NORMAL DISTRIBUTION where a small proportion of people rate much higher a small proportion rate much lower but most people fall somewhere in the middlePersistence of Gender Differences y Gender schemas tend to shape the way we notice interpret and remember information according to our expectations about genders y Social roles for males and females enhance or suppress different capabilities y Differential gender socialization leads males and females to develop different skills and attitudes which leads to different behavioursthe differences in behavior seem to confirm the appropriateness of the different roles 2Gender Stratification y Social status and social roles that men and women occupy in society o Gender stereotyping leads to social attitudes about correct gender roles for men and women leading to different statuses o Place in society is largely based on the value we place on their role in the division of labourWage Gap y In 2009 women outnumbered men in the labour force for the first time y 28 of women and 11 of men work parttime y Female occupational ghettos remain y Women receive 58 of university degrees y Women still do most of the unpaid work at homeHousework Who Does How Much Theories Structural Functionalismy Gendered practices eg division of labour promote social stability womans vulnerability needs protecting for reproduction thus o Women do private realm and expressive tasks o Men do public realm and instrumental tasks o But 16 of families are loneparent in which many women have a double shift and some men are caregiversSymbolic Interactionism y Study micro level of everyday behaviour Eg Research y Men more likely than women to o Change topics of conversation o Ignore topics chosen by women o Minimize ideas of women o Interrupt womenMarxistConflict Perspective y Womens position in family likened to oppressed working class both viewed as property y Modern socialists industrialization resulted in greater gender inequality than earlier economic systems y Victorian culture worsened divisioncult of domesticityHow Can Women Be an Oppressed Majority y Women experience unequal treatment y Women share characteristics that distinguish them from men y Membership in subordinate group is involuntary y Subordinate status defined within institution of marriage
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