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Western University
Sociology 1021E
Secil Erdogan

Sociological Research  Research –process of investigating something systematically  Sociological research –investigating social life using sociological theories and methods COMMON SENSE/UNSCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE VS. SCIENCTIFIC EVIDENCE  Most people marry because they are in love.  common sense  Men earn more than women.  common sense  Under the same conditions, women earn 74 cents per dollar than men earn  scientific evidence, shows research has been done, etc Knowledge can be based on:  Tradition  Authority (newspapers, experts)  Observation  Overgeneralization  Illogical reasoning  OR SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION Doing Sociology:  Uses scientific method  Research must make verifiable claims  Research must be evaluated by other experts in the field before and after it’s published Steps of Sociological Research 1. Select a topic and define the problem a. Specify what the research problem is and why it is studied i. Personal interest ii. Social significance iii. Researchability & access to particular resources iv. Time and economic constrains 2. Review the literature a. Determine what research has already been done on the subject and what vital information and questions are missing 3. Formulate a theory and hypotheses a. Specification of the research problem b. Hypothesis –an unverified statement of a relationship, a correlation between variables c. Dependent Variable –is one that is AFFECTED or changed by other variables d. Independent Variable –the one that PRODUCES the change in the other variables 4. Choose a research method(s) to test hypotheses (research design) a. How to obtain data? Method: survey, observa
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