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Sociology 2234E
Lesley Harman

The presentation of self in everyday life Part 2 Teams Continued  The team that is in control of the setting is the performing team and the other team is the audience  There is a hierarchy in some teams  The performing team has the advantage of power Privilege of being the director  Directors get things done they are the ones who are in charge.  Director – is in a marginal position somewhere between the team and the audience.  Has to be able to see the performance from the perspective of the audience and then direct the team accordingly  Power in directing performances Regions  A region is any place bounded by barriers to perception  We mark territory sometimes in subtle was sometimes not  We want to put up barriers to other peoples perception to cover up things like smells or sounds Front region – similar to front stage  The place where the performance is given as soon as you are “on” could be when you get out of the car – could be anywhere  Setting: fixed sign equipment of the front region  When in the front region the performer maintains the theatrical definition of the situation through politeness and decorum Back region - Flip side of front region - A place relative to the given performance where the impression fostered by the performance is knowingly contradicted - Back regions are places you want to hide - Example bathroom. If someone walked in on you in the bathroom it would become a front region - Regions are socially constructed - Ideally no member of the audience would intrude on a back region - If you cannot control your back region the performance cannot go on - Control of back region is important for the control of the front region allowi
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