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Unit 10: Values, Attitudes, and Change

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 10 Values Attitudes and Change1 Understanding values the foundation for attitudeswe have few values a Instrumental or goal oriented values peoples preferred modes of conducty Goaloriented we use them to set our markers y What is it that you need to do to achieve something and what kind of value do I have to have behind thaty Ex being ambitiousknowing what you want to seek and trying to achieve that university degree etc b Terminal values preferences for certain end states happiness self respect etcc Internal things having to do with ones internal wellbeingy How do we feel about the worldhow we manage to negotiate our way through the worldd External belonging being respected being securey Recognition of how others view you y Respect security etce Value pluralismi External the fact that there is a diversity of values in populationo Wide spectrum of different kinds of values people can have religious sexual etc o May cause value conflicts ii Internal the fact that we may hold competing or even contradictory valueso Conflicting values within our own m
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