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Unit 11: Self Esteem and Cognitive Dissonance

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Western University
Sociology 2234E
Brendan Murphy

Unit 11 Self Esteem and Cognitive DissonanceJustifying Our Actions to OurselvesA The Nature of Cognitive Dissonance1 The basic theory principles conflicting cognitionsarousaldissonancey Dissonance results from logically opposed cognitionsy Dissonance leads to arousal or discomforty The magnitude of the dissonance is related to the importance of the cognitionsy The greater the magnitude of the dissonance the greater the motivation to reduce dissonance2 Cognitive consonance opposite of dissonance y What we are attempting to achievewe dont like have dissonance y Being comfortable with our situationscognitions 3 Modes of dissonance reductionrationalization to get rid of dissonance y Change the cognition or the behaviour Quit smoking y Change the importance of a key cognition Smoking isnt really harmful y Rationalize elements as not relevant Im not at risk Granny smoked and lived to 102 y Bolster consonant elements Besides which smoking helps keep me thin which is healthier than obesity4Types of dissonance y PostDecision Dissonance The dissonance that occurs after we make a major to us decision or purchase o Secondguessing decision afterthefact y Selective Exposure When we are
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