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Sociology 2239
Young- Hwa Hong

November 18, 13 Appropriation - Terms o Appropriation o Fordism, post-fordism - Feminist consumerism and the Dove real beauty campaign (by Johnston & Taylor) Appropriation - The use of a cultural tendency or artifact from another group for different political or commercial purposes o Take ideas from symbols, cultural artifacts/practices for profit or political purposes - Example:American Cowboys o Original cowboys were landless agricultural labourers working for a wage from landlords (proletariat – selling their labour power) o Clothes are a mix of aboriginal and Mexican  Clothing has nothing to do withAmerican nationalism  They employ different cultures and sell their labour power to the local farm owners o Part of the frontier mix of theAmerican West before it becameAmerican o Had to work together to survive = opposite of individualism o It is appropriated to buildAmerican nationalism (which is not how they worked or thought)  Nothing to do with cowboys in reality and what they truly represented - Example: Vancouver games symbol: inukshuk o Had nothing to do with the Inuit community or practices o Canada used it under the name of multiculturalism, but the games had nothing to do with the First Nations - Example: Dove appropriates the feminist agenda o Feminists: challenging the hegemonic idea of beauty o Dove appropriates this idea - Appropriation happens in political, economic, and cultural activities Understanding Consumption - Consumption pattern: - Production-Distribution-Consumption - If the cycle stops, the system collapses - The speed of the cycle accelerates so the capitalists make enough profit - They need to boost desires to cause people to consume unnecessarily – so they can produce more and more (accelerating) - Therefore, they create the desires o Create new designs and tastes (trends) to continue consumption to support production - Production and consumption are not just economic processes. They are social processes - Consumption becomes an area for the construction of meanings, identities, and gender roles - The way people participate in consumption, and the way the companies produce their images have to do with one’s identity (social status, race, etc.) o Starbucks: young people employed o Tim Hortons: immigrants employed - Consumption is not just economic, rather it is social as well The Production of Goods vs. The Production of Needs/Desires - In contemporary capitalism o Consumer goods: mean more than the fulfillment of basic needs  Basic needs: shelter, clothes, food  Consumption became a place for identity construction  They express their taste and desire through consumption  There should be surplus for unnecessary desires or ‘needs’  Consumption is about desire (and fulfilling those needs) o The creation of surplus needs and desires o Late 20 century Post-Fordism consumer culture: “Not a mass market of uniform products but a realm of niche markets where consumers achieve distinction through specialized identities and lifestyles.” (Wallace and Wolf 2006, 235)  It is all about how class performs (expensive clothes, vacations, food) Fordism - Fordism refers to the ideas, principles, and systems spawned by Henry Ford - Basic characteristics of Fordist production and consumption: o Key: The mass production of homogenous products  You can choose any colour you’d like, as long as it is black o The use of inflexible technologies such as the assembly line  Repetitive work – morning to night every day  Cannot decide your work schedule o The adoption of standardized work routines (Taylorism) o The homogenization of consumption patterns  There is no diversities among the end product • Cannot truly choose Pos
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