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Interaction Theories of Deviance

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Interaction Theories of Deviance Film:Aclass divided – blue eyes vs brown eyes – lesson in discrimination (Jane Elliott created categories of deviance) For all the other theories we have talked about: Deviance happens firs that leads to ----> social control For Labelling theory: Basic control (when you label deviance or deviant acts) ----> leads to deviance. Prior to this it was common to label deviance as norm violation. It was absolute and inherent in the individual. They ignored those who created categories of deviance. Ignores the observers of deviance. Interaction theories – deviance is socially constructed Social reaction to an individual will produce deviance – labelling has to do with societal reaction to particular behaviour, and the subsequent reaction of the labelee to the label – labelling someone or some behaviour as deviant is a process involving, interpretation, meaning and the attribution of deviance. Interpretation – influences how we react to a situation. Based on our stand point cultural settings and the characteristic of those involved. All of these factors influence the future events. Influence further outcomes and interpretation. That is why it is a process. All of which are based on social meaning. Meaning on people. On acts. This is the basis of how we create identities for people and how they behave. (meaning of blue eyes and brown eyes – influenced behaviour, how the individuals were viewed, and how people created the identities of those who were labelled.) Creating identities – this is attribution of deviance. When you attribute characteristics to people based on a label. Deviance from this perspective is a human creation, - emerges from interaction and meaning and becomes real and effects events all the time. Influences our world view. In our culture we get messages all the time about what is deviant. History: Foundation: Symbolic Inte
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