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Day 2 Term 2

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Conflict & Critical Theories of Deviance Day 2 of a bunch Conflict Theories: - Focus: The Underdog! (far more openly than Interpretive Theories) - What produces underdogs? o Capitalism and exploitation (lol so marx) - Deviance, poverty, greed, disadvantage, injustice are all systematic and structural - What critical and conflict theories try to do is expose these structures and systems Three Main Rules 1) Rules are made by the powerful, whether they are legal or customary o We are all equally not allow to sleep on a park bench  But that’s clearly targeted at the powerless o The rules generally regulate the powerless 2) Rules are part of a system that preserves the preferred way of life for the powerful o Keeps the rich rich 3) People who break the rules do so out of need or protest against a system that oppresses them o Think of a homeless dude sleeping in the streets  “we have shelters for those dudes”  “well sometimes shelters won’t let people in, like people with mental illness” Critical and Conflict Theories: - Emphasis on formal social control o It’s a macro-level theory - Conception of social order  it’s maintained through management of conflict between various groups o Class conflict baby oh yeah - Concept of society  we’re all divided into various groups with competing interests - Dominant Group: the one with the most power and authority Seven Propositions 1) Power is the most explanatory (always present) variable 2) Groups with clashing interests, values and unequal resources compete producing winners and losers a. Trying to debase one another 3) Groups struggle to ha
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