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Lecture 12

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Sociology 2259
Lauren Barr

thLecture 12 January 6MediaMedia is the single greatest pedagogical force of our time Jackson KatzReality of Media CoverageWhat do we actually seeo1 story in 2007 Anna Nicole Smith DeathoBritney Was Big time too budoNow a days Rob Ford on the pipeoRoyal BabiesoMiley CyrusoNews coverage is distorted focuses on specific stories and people o50 of foreign news offices have closedoNo news bureaus in specific areas of the worldoLocal coverage covers very limited storiesWhat main points were coveredoThese stories are covered because they cause world interestoLess complex than the economy oGovernment has no influence on themHow does the news shape the way we see the worldThe Media EliteSet the framework in which everything operateso5 major groups own 90 of the English MediaoMedia is such a big part of our everyday life that it is virtually invisible oSmartphones YouTube and Facebook are in the top six apps oChildren 818 are using media an average of 75 hours a dayoCanada leads the world in online useo60 hours of media use in some form week on average Look for the influence of media as moral entrepreneurexamples The history of body image and the ideal bodywhat made it change in Western society The impact of words labels on peoples lives based on stereotypes and assumptions about value and selfcontrol From a methods perspectivewhat type of research is this and what method was used for data analysis Media as a moral entrepreneur and as a toolThree aspects to media in relation to DevianceWhose Voice are we hearingThe purposepower of media control and evidence of itThe possibilities of mediaWhat is ReificationTo regard or treat an abstraction as if it had concrete or material existenceNoam ChomskyNecessary Illusionsbelieves that there is too little inquiry oBelieve things we are told by media as fact
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