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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Review

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

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Lecture 14 Review Stigma Part 1Dramaturgical ModelGoffman micro sociologist of everyday lifeDeveloped the dramaturgical model a perspective that sees social life as performanceShakespeare All the worlds a stage and we are its players o We are all actorsdepending on which part we play we are required to wear different masks o We switch our masks all day depending on the people we talk to or the situation we are placed in o Makes us question the notion of an authentic selfo We are impostersalways performingActor other role script set stage props front stage back stage o The interaction between the actor speaker and the other audience is simultaneouso We are always an actor to watch others othernever free of these roles o Socialization is all about learning our various roles similar to Mead and learning our various Mes o Some roles conflict with each other and others compliment each other o Everyday life is scripted and for the most part each role that we have has a predetermined script to itall of our roles bring the same idea to mind to everyone as to what it means to fulfill that role o We know that these are not our only rolesas life continues we gain new roles and shed old ones o We learn new scripts in order to one day successfully play the partif you depart from the predetermined script it could have negative consequences dropped from the cast for noncomplianceo When your back stage become your front stage that is when things become problematic getting caught etc o Suggests that we decide what we do and dont show peopleshare with peopleCompartmentalized SelfFor Goffman the self is compartmentalized o Sectionedwe selectively decide which parts of ourselves we show and parts we do not depending on the situationWe have many selves which we selectively disclose o Your self is divided into segments because we have many selves and selectively disclose that information depending on the situationalso makes the self situated because it depends on the situation we are itThe self is situated o Depending on the demands of each of the roles the roles can change very fastEx when there is a family emergency your role as family member would come before your role as studentImputing IdentityATTRIBUTING SOMETHING TO A PERSON o Imputing attributing identity on people we need in everyday interactionsTHE IMPORTANCE OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS IN IMPUTING IDENTITY o We work very hard on making a good first impression on people because it is important to usOTHERS ALWAYS IMPUTE ON OUR IDENTITY WHETHER WE WANT THEM TO OR NOT o We cant avoid people making imputations on us which is why we work so hard to make a good impressionVirtual vs Actual Identity
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