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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Review

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Western University
Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Lecture 15 Review Stigma Part 2IdentityAccording to Goffman personal identity is NOT a stable and independent entity it is constantly remade as the person interacts with othersStrangers Stereotypes o With strangers people are stereotyping and the reactions that people give off are stereotypical o This is because you have no information about themmakes you automatically make assumptions about people o We dont know the persons biographyMixed Contacts Gradual sympathyunderstanding o Categorical reaction recedes and as you gain personal information about people you get a more realistic idea about who the person really isbreaking throughIntimates play a special role o People you have intimate relationshipssomeone who is close to you o Important because they help the stigmatized person to manage their spoiled identityVirtual how people see youActual who you really are even though there is no such thing as an authentic selfInformation ControlRelated to the concepts of discreditable and discredited Related to the concepts of virtual and actual identityIntimate Relationships Those who are knowinghelp the
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