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Sociology 1020 Lecture Notes - The Sociological Imagination, Auguste Comte, Talcott Parsons

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SOC 1020
Michael Haight

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Durkheim’s Contribution
Durkheim argued suicide rates varied as result of differences in degree of
social solidarity in different categories of the population.
Social solidarity refers to:the degree to which group members share
beliefs and values; andthe intensity and frequency of their interaction.
Map of Suicide Rates
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Durkheim’s Theory of Suicide
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Suicide in Canada Today
Suicide among youth has increased substantially since the 1960s.
Shared moral principles and strong social ties have eroded since the early
Religious participation has decreased among youth.
Unemployment is up especially for youth.
Children are more often brought up in single- parent
families now than in the past.
Youth Suicide in Canada
The level of social solidarity is now lower than it was just a few decades