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SOCIO 2172A - Lecture 5: Using Sex to Sell

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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Colgate Ad • dental floss, when you have food in your teeth • woman has extra fingers in one image, other has extra arm, other the guy is missing an ear • point is saying that when you have food in your teeth, other things can slibe by as that is more distracting Contrex Water Ad • commerical - treadmills when used activate light show of man dancing ◦ at the end at participants drink the water bottles 1984 Super Bowl Commercial • only aired on television once • ad for Apple Macintosh • refers to the book “1984”, about idea of big brother • idea that Apple will give people freedom like nothing else before • argued to be the best ad of all time Celebrities in Advertising • not necessarily such a great things now – people gotten more sophisticated and cynical • what we are finding now is that good ads will stand on their own, adding a celebrity to an already bad ad will not change anything • Pizza Pockets ◦ Snoop Dog used in commercials for Hot Pockets ◦ he reuses one of his songs and reworks it using the product name ◦ people might enjoy watching it, but does not mean it will result in increase in profit • 20% of celebrity ads has a negative impact • consumers has to be able to connect with them, much more influenced by someone in their social network and has interactions with • celebrities who are paid to tweet – more of a connection with fans • 2010 Worst Celebrity TV Ads ◦ Tiger Woods – Nike Did You Learn Anything? -30% ▪ doesn't talk about the product at all but addresses in a subtle way his personal issed of infidelity ▪ his father speaks over a shot of panning into Tiger's face ◦ Lance Armstrong: Radio Shack No Emotions -28% ◦ Kenny Mayne: Gillette Good Segment -28% ◦ Dale Earnhardt Jr: Nationwide Auto Insurance • 2010 Most Effective Celebrity TV Ad Performances ◦ Oprah Winfrey: Liberty Mutual ◦ Ed Burns: iShares Ed Burns Swallows Camera 28% ◦ Oprah Winfrey: Progressive ◦ Oprah Winfrey: Progressive Distracted Driving 22% ◦ Carl Weathers: Bad Light Bud Light Playbook 18% • Oprah does more social advertising, which is more effective • effective ads are ones that don't appeal to a single audience, but more of a broad audience – men and women, across all ages • Forget acting, Charlie Sheen tweets could make him millions ◦ he got hired to tweet endorsements ◦ 150 advertisers are on board ◦ paid between $200 to $25,000 – depends on the celebrity ◦ the company suggests that Charlie Sheen would be the most valuable asset ◦ first day on the site, he got 1 million followers USING SEX TO SELL • women more likely to be represented in a demeaning and hyper-sexualized manner and looked as objects • girls often made to look very very young • starting to show men in more sexualized poses • with women being represented in this way – increase in eating disorders ◦ same being seen with men – wanting a muscular body • not as dangerous for men because women have a higher risk of being abused • even sexualizes more unusual and unexpected p
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