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Sociology 2172 - Lecture 1-3

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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Intro Understanding Ads Jan 1012 What do you seemovement dumps coffe on him and crosses his name off characters office good looking dumping on the ugly one colour shadow light darkish bland boring office to focus on the charaterswhat is not there No talkingWhat do you feelwhat DID i feel funnywhat did they try to make me feel want me to feelWhat do you hear phone ringingare there words sorrywhat languagesharp sounds screamvolume mediummusic its message happy music for hope of a better phone planchange in sound screamhow is silence used AD 2 See famous glamourous actressesfashion luxury fame high ceilings high societyrushing backstage crowdsdark mysterious lightmirrors and chandellirswhen she is this icon she is the bottle and she is the only one there in the lighthearfun party musicjadore diorticking clock stairs clicking shoesfeellike you are in the club with the clebes behind the scenesexclusive partyclassic beauty as defined by Hollywoodlike you want to be part of it you want to be one of these iconsa line of celebs who jadore diorshe trasformsthe perfume is what they all have in commonelegent sexuality Propoganda vs AdvertisingPropoganda Manipulation of information to influence public opion Propogandists empazied information supporting and deemphasize or exclude those that dont Lobbying advertising and missionary activity are all forms of propoganda mostly used re politicsBiased info intentionally spread to shape public opinion Propoganda techniques are designed to change behaviour The goal of propoganda is to convince you to buy something think something or do somethingPropoganda still remains a powerful techqunique to influence social opinion around the globe the word itself is not that widely used often substituted by some modern terms such as public relation marketing promotion advertising etc Shock advertising Shociing things that make ppl take notice ex the Benneton ad with political figure lobving and kissing each otherSubliminal messges
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