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A Taste of Distinction: Rory
- Counting System
o 3,898 pages contained information or images related to food
o Each piece of information was termed a “food themed event”
- Categorical Breakdown Used
o Sustainability and Fairness
o Healthy Eating
o Environmental Health
o Conspicuous Consumption
o Identity Building
o Cooptation
- Primary Question
o Which is the primary focus of popular magazine media in Canada?
Ethical food consumption or distinction?
- Ethical Food Consumption
o Sustainability and Fairness
Buying local (Ex. Farmer’s Market)
Limit food miles (distance food travels)
Strengthens local food economy
Critique Industrial Food System
Point out failings in the industrial food system
Fair Trade
Preserve local flavour varieties
What is grown in abundance? (Overproduced in fact)
o Store for a long time
o Break down and chemically reassemble
o Commodity crops
Vast amount of Corn Goes to Animal Feedlots
o In order to drive down the cost of meat
Too Concentrated, Too full of Antibiotics; An Ecological Blight
o Manure lagoon, shit a lot and lie in their shit
o Too full of pesticides and antibiotics, emiting CO2
Joel Salatin (Polycultural Farmer)
o Everything you want to see in a meat growing farmer
o Natural herbivore diet
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